User Access Rights

The User profile needs to be set up by the system administrator or Super user. However, once set up it can be modified by the user if he/she has the user access rights to allow this. You can change your own user settings by going to View - Settings - User. The Super user or another user with access to User administration may also change the settings via View - Settings -Security - User Administration.

The User Access Rights function within Mamut was developed on the basis that several users are using the same system.

Access Templates

Access templates help the system administrator make sure users only have access to those components of the system they require. It is extremely useful to work with access templates when there are several users spread over different business components using the same system, e.g. sales consultants and logistics staff do not usually require access to Human Resource information or accounting functionality.

Individual users are assigned a previously defined access template in the User Settings. Find out more about this in User Settings - User Access Rights.

Manage Access Templates

The functionality that should be available to the different users of the program is registered under Manage Access Templates. You can also export the list of access controls to Excel to obtain a detailed overview over the access rights for every individual user. Find out more about this in Security Settings.

User-defined Access Templates

A user-defined access profile defines which functionality an individual user has access to. The access profile is built in the same way as access templates but will not be shown in the list of access templates. In the wizard for access template administration, you can base a user-defined access profile on an access template or an existing access profile. Find out more about this in How to create a user-defined access profile for a user.

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