Backup to accountant

If you need to send a backup copy of one or several of your company databases to your accountant, select this alternative in the backup wizard.

You will be given the opportunity to select the company database that you want to create a backup copy for. It is not possible to create a backup copy of multiple company databases at the same time when you make a backup for your accountant. If you wish to create a backup copy for more than one company database, you will have to go through the wizard for each company database.

Since backup copies intended for accountants, do not contain system files, you and your accountant must have the same program version. If you have different versions, you will not be able to exchange data in the form of backup copies. The version number can be found under Help - About.

Note! You cannot continue working in the company database when it is being reviewed by your accountant. You must wait until your accountant has finished updating the database and returned the files to you - in the form of a new backup copy - before you can enter new data.

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