How to Create Backups

How to create a default backup copy

  1. Go to File - Backup - Create backup and click Next.
  2. Select which backup type you wish to create (Standard in this example) and click Next. Read more in Different types of backups.

  3. Enter a Description of the backup if you do not want to use the default description.

    : A file path and name will be suggested based on the backup settings. You can override the file path by clicking on the search button and then entering the file path of your choice. The file path can also be a network file path, for example: \\SERVERNAME\DATA\System001\Backup\<filename>.mbsb.

    You can select the option Protect the backup with a password. However, if you select this option, you must enter the password when you want to restore the backup.
  4. Click Next to create the backup.
    Detailed information about the backup will be displayed when the backup has been created.
  5. Click Finish to complete the process.

The backup has now been successfully created.

Note! Creating backups may take some time, especially if the database contains a large amount of data.

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