About Restoring backups

There are several things you should keep in mind when restoring a backup copy via the wizard. You should be aware that the data in the program will be overwritten by the backup data. This means that if you restore a backup copy created a week ago, the data you have entered since the backup was created will be lost.

In order to restore a backup, the program files in the system where the backup will be restored, must be of the same version as the program files in the system where the backup was created. However, it is possible to restore an old backup containing system files onto a more recent program version. Please note that doing so will update the data and make it impossible to restore it on the original computer.

It is also possible to restore a backup during the installation, in the wizard for first-time startup, if you for example are moving the program to another computer. This will close the wizard and opens the wizard to restore the backup.

Note! It is not possible to restore a backup created in version 11 of Mamut Business Software using Mamut Business Software version 14 or higher.

When restoring backup copies, you have two alternatives:

Restore an existing backup of your database/program

If you wish to restore a backup which has been created in your program, or on a computer connected to the same database as yours, choose to restore an existing backup. A list of available backups will be displayed. Choose which backup you wish to restore.

Select the backup you wish to restore or if the backup is located elsewhere in the system, select External Backup and browse for the backup.

Restore an external backup

Select this option if you want to restore a backup which has not been created in your program or within your network. Enter the file path, or click Browse, to locate the folder containing the backup. The option could be used, for instance, if you want to restore a backup which has been reviewed by your accountant and returned as an e-mail attachment. In that case, you must first save the file on your computer and then locate the file using the Browse button.

Note! When restoring a backup, all information entered into the program since the backup was created will be overridden. In other words, your system will revert to the point in time when the backup was created.

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