Head Office/Branch Office

Within Contact management you can link a contact to a Head office by clicking the search button next to it. The contact needs to be marked as Head office. This might be useful if you would like deliveries and invoicing to go to different customers.

How to create a Head Office

  1. Select View - Contact - Contact management.
  2. Find the customer you wish to register as Head Office.
  3. Choose the Settings tab.
  4. Choose Customer.
  5. Choose Yes in the Head Office drop-down list.

The head office has now been registered.

How to link a customer to a Head office

  1. Select View - Contact - Contact management.
  2. Find the customer you wish to register as Head Office.
  3. Click and mark the Head office you wish to attach the customer to from the list.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Answer Yes if you want the head office’s terms of payment, delivery methods and order discounts to be available for this contact.
    Answer No if you want the regional office to have its own terms.

The customer is now linked to the head office.

All customers defined as Head office or Branch office will have an icon like this in the contact card. By clicking on this icon, a list of the Branch offices attached to the Head office will appear. In Main/branch office you can mark a head or branch office and click the Go to button to be taken directly to that company's contact card.

Settings for Branch Office

By going to the Settings tab and clicking on the Customer button, you can decide if the Branch office is to be invoiced to the Branch offices' invoice address or to the Head offices' invoicing address. Invoices will be sent to the contact or the Head office depending on who you have chosen to be invoiced. It is possible to override the invoicing address manually when creating a sales order, however, note that the Ledger entries will still be posted towards Head office if this is what you selected in previous settings.

Deliveries can be set to the contact's delivery address or the head office delivery address.

Note! Only mark the Head office contact as Head office, not the contact for the Branch office attached to the Head office.

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