How to move: Server Installation

Note! All users have to be logged off before you start the below procedure.

How to move Mamut Business Software and the database to another server:

  1. Move the document directory.
    Information about how to move the document directory can be found here.

  2. Create a default backup via File - Backup - Create backup.
    Read more about creating a backup here. Make sure you save the backup to a location that the new server has access to or from where you can easily restore it, for example a memory stick.

  3. Go to Help - About - Manage licence Information - Installed computers.

  4. Select Inactive next to the computer name that you no longer wish to use, and click OK.

  5. Install the program files for Mamut Business Software on the new computer.
    Read more about installing the program here.

    If you install a version which is newer then your current version, the database will automatically be updated. We recommend that you always use the newest version.

  6. Start the program MDataTools.exe after the installation. By default you will find this located here:
    C:\Program Files\Mamut\DataTools
    (Windows 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mamut\DataTools).

  7. Click on the button Restore in the tab Backup and click Next.

  8. Select External backup and use the button to browse to the location of the backup.
    If you have protected your backup with a password, you will be asked for the password upon selecting the backup.

  9. Then click Next and again Next.

  10. Read the Important Information and select I have read and understood the information above before clicking Next.
    The backup will be restored and information about the backup will be shown once the restore is completed.

  11. Click Finish to close MDataTools.

The procedure is now complete and you can use Mamut Business Software on the new server.

As the database is now moved, the clients/workstations will no longer be able to connect to the database. Follow the steps below to reconnect the workstations to the database.

How to connect a client/workstation to a database:

  1. Remove the mamut.ini from the client/workstation. By default you will find this at the following location:
    Windows XP®
    : C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Public Mamut\Mamut.
    Windows Vista® and Windows 7®
    : C:\Users\Public\Public Mamut\Mamut.

  2. Start Mamut Business Software.

  3. Select Connect me to an existing multi-user installation in the wizard.

  4. You can see which database server you connect to by clicking Select database server. In this window you can also test if you have access to the server.  

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select the database, and click Next.
    If there are multiple databases on the server, you will receive a list over all of the existing databases.

  7. Log in with the user name and password that you have received from your system administrator, and click OK.

  8. Repeat these steps for all clients/workstations.

The connection to the database has been established.

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