myMamut is a portal that unites administrative services, such as the Mamut Support Centre, invoice payment, license information, and user management, allowing you to perform administrative tasks via one user-friendly portal.

The functionality you have access to will depend on your user access role.

Login into myMamut

You log into myMamut with your Mamut ID and your Mamut ID password:

Registering a support query

You can easily get in touch with the Mamut Support Centre through myMamut. Here you have the opportunity to register questions, errors and suggestions for improvements.

Product Information

Under Contract information you will find details about the start date and expiry date of your contract, as well as the status and number of Mamut Business Software users.

Updating to a new version

Through the product administration screen for Mamut Business Software in myMamut you are able to download the latest version of the application.


myMamut has its own help system, which you can access by clicking on the corresponding icon on the upper right corner of your screen. Click here (external link) to have a look at it.

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Mamut ID

Registering a support request


Version 21.1. The documentation may refer to services and/or functions that are not included within your solution. If you wish to get more information regarding this, please contact Mamut.

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