How to Create a Quotation

When you click the New button, a window will open which allows you to choose between a Quotation, Repeating quotation and a Quotation template.

If you do not want this dialogue box to open when clicking New, check the box in the lower left corner. You are able to select quotation type later, by using the small black arrow next to the New button. This method is used within the description below.

How to create a standard quotation

  1. Go to View - Sales/Invoicing - Quotation Registration.
  2. Click the black arrow next to the New button and select which quotation type you would like to create.

  3. Select Customer.
    All fields in the window's upper half will be filled in automatically, including the various information registered regarding the customer. You are able to override this information if necessary. In addition, you are able to specify which product is linked to the quotation and who the reference person at your company is. You are now able to register the product information in the Product Lines tab, within the window's lower half.
  4. Click Show Product List in the Product Lines tab, in order to display the product list and select which products to include in the quotation. Within the product columns, you can edit the number of products, prices, discounts etc.

    You are also able to click New in the Product Lines tab. If you remember the product number you are able to enter this directly into the field. The same result is achieved by double-clicking an empty product line or entering '+' using your keyboard and then entering the product in the column Product No.
  5. Repeat the step above in order to insert more product lines.

When you have entered all products, the quotation is ready to be sent to the customer.

Select the type of quotation you want from the Status drop-down list. You then select the name of the customer you want to create a quote for and click OK. The quotation cannot be linked to a contact if you select Quotation template from the Status drop-down list. You can do this by transferring the quote to group quotation after the template is created. If you chose Quotation repeating, from the Status drop-down list, you can repeat quotes for a contact without having to create it several times. You can choose how often you wish to send the quote by using the Frequency button under the Miscellaneous tab.

Tip! You are able to right-click within the fields that contain selection alternatives from the properties register. This selection is called Change in properties register, and will open the properties register in order to make amendments or add new alternatives directly. Example: In Quotation, in the Text tab, right-click in the field next to Select text and click Change in properties register.

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